Aug 14, 2010

Little Rock was a Rockin' Good Time

Last week I took a trip for work down to Little Rock for a few days of client meetings. The trip was such a good time, not only the experience, but it was also a very productive few days work wise.

On Wednesday night after getting in we went to The Flying Fish for dinner where I had the best Poor Boy sandwich. It was just so truly southern.

What cracked me up was that The Flying Fish had a "Billy Bass Adoption Center" with hundreds of Billy Bass attached to the wall. If you bring your Billy Bass in you get a free order of catfish.

After dinner we walked around the River Walk. Mind you, the heat index was right around 115. Little Rock was in a heat wave, and the air was so thick. I'm used to coastal humidity from visiting my grandparents growing up, but this was nothing like that. To top it off, there was a movie in the park and all these people were sitting outside in the heat watching a movie. In Colorado we would do that and have blankets and light jackets.
A few more pictures from the trip:

I really liked Little Rock, the people were so friendly and it felt like it still had some of that "small-town" feel. The flights on the other hand weren't as enjoyable, but I still made it back in time to head out with J for the weekend of celebration.
I feel like I'm semi-caught up now with blogging the events of August. How quickly this month is already going.

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