Aug 16, 2010

Mile High Music Festival - Day 1

Another great weekend, another tired Monday.

We survived Mile High Music Festival 2010, but I must say that festivals may not really be my thing. The crowds, the smoke, the heat, the port-o-potties... Anyway, all things aside we really enjoyed this year's line-up.

So a little recap of Day 1.

We started the day with One Eskimo in the sun at the side stage, followed by Amos Lee (seen below) in a tent, then we darted to see The Samples back in the sun. The Samples were not someone high on my list to see, but I really really enjoyed their show. It was fun to see a band that J has loved for so long. After that we went back to a tent for Rusted Root. We were finally ready to eat and headed for the food tents. After that we went back to the tents for Keane and then made our way to the main stage for Steve Miller Band and Jack Johnson.
J & I - no it wasn't sweat on his shoulders, he had a wet towel around his neck.

J & J reliving their glory days filled with concerts (all of that BW, Before Wives).

A little Jack Johnson.

A little more Jack Johnson.

And even more Jack Johnson.

I really enjoyed Day 1, but I don't think I will ever need to go see Jack again in concert. It pains me to say that because he is one of my favs, but his live show just lacks something. Don't really know how to say it, but it really just sounds like me and 40,000 other people are all just listening to the CD in the dark with some video coverage. He doesn't command the stage the way some artists do. Anyway, that aside, it was wonderful.

Stay tuned for a recap of Day 2.

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