Aug 25, 2010

Today is the Day...

I'm always looking for ways to bring more positivity to things around me, especially when there is so much that is always trying to bring you down. Lately I've just felt stressed, drained and pulled to far from the point of balance.

While traveling a few weeks back for work, I visited our client's gift shop and saw these perfect magnets where you switch out the affirmation on a weekly basis. I knew I had to bring one home with me - it was calling out to me.

There are 53 different affirmations, everything from "Feel Alive" to "Seek out the Good". My goal is to switch it out each week and make that my personal focus for a few days.

This week I started with one that was really fitting "Cherish family." J and I both have family in town this week and will be spending a lot of time with our families over the next few days. I'm hoping to really cherish the time and allow it to re-energize my internal batteries.

The box reads: "Somewhere in your home or office, let there be one beautiful object, a little island of inspiration that will feed your spirit all year long. Let it remind you that every day is your day, that right now is a good time, and that happiness is always in your hands. Treasure each day and treasure yourself..."

So here goes a year of seizing the moment. I'll try to share the affirmation each week that I've selected and maybe you can even be inspired and reminded that your happiness is your hands too.

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