Aug 27, 2010

Enjoying the moment

Yesterday I took the day off to cherish family. My cousin Karen is in town from California and spending time with her just makes you feel good down to your core.

I started the morning yesterday by sleeping in until 7 - I must tell you that 7 may be early to some, but what a difference it is compared to 4:45 like most days. After unwrapping a few special gifts from my cousin and from her dear friend Ruth (I'll post details on these later), we headed out for the day to do some antique shopping, have lunch and browse through Kohl's. We got home just in time for Jason to join us for a big dinner a couple glasses of wine. It was such a wonderful refreshing day to just be family.

My mom and Karen grew up spending all of their summers together, and just about any other time they could squeeze in. They are the bestest of friends:

My mom & Karen

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