Aug 23, 2010

A Weekend Nap Recap

The weekend was full...full of napping and relaxing.

On Friday I had to run a few errands, Costco and such, and made a little stop at Vera Bradley to do a little birthday shopping. I brought home this little beauty:

Then after that I came home and napped, cooked dinner and just relaxed.

On Saturday J went golfing while I visited with the folks. After coming home I napped until J got home. We cooked up some dinner and spent the evening watching the Broncos.

Sunday we met J's parents for lunch in Northfield to celebrate my birthday. J makes fun of me and says my birthday is a never-ending celebration - he is right. His parents gave me a another beautiful Vera bag. It was a great surprise. My cousin Allison would make fun of me and say that "if it looks like a quilt don't buy it" and maybe Vera bags have been around for awhile now - heck I've had one for going on 10 years now, but I think they are great carry all bags.

After lunch we came home and guess, I took a nap!

I woke this morning feeling rested and ready to return to the grind.

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